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February 15th, 2012     Black Titanium Updates!     Absolute Titanium Design: Patent Granted!

Absolute Titanium Design is proud to announce that one of the methods used by it has been granted a patent in North America. The application of the rights to the granted patent in Absolute Titanium Design's use in jewelry is thus rendered fully protected and the technology is now duly assigned to the company.

This is only the first in several such pending patent applications designed to foster the company's grip on the technology as used in its Titanium jewelry production in general and some niches within it, namely, Black Titanium etc.

Being amongst the world's first five, first-generation Titanium jewelry designers and manufacturers, doing so since 1998, Absolute Titanium Design continues to lead the pack in its proprietary, genuine Black Titanium jewelry designs and craftsmanship. All production is North American made, none imported, and all orders are custom design, custom made or made to order. Nothing is sold from stock or inventory, which the company does not carry.

More than ever our black Titanium wedding bands and black Titanium engagement rings prove to be a strong segment in our Titanium jewelry bridal production line. Inquiries are welcome.

Black Titanium
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Enter "The Black Zone" ATD's new secret metals!
Absolute Titanium Design is one of the world's two only manufacturers of Black Titanium, and the world's only Design House offering an original array of Tension settings in Black Titanium complimented by customized designs services in this metal.
Tension Settings
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Tension Settings

Our registered Trademark of "The Tension is Mounting®" tells it all... The fine art of setting a precious gemstone in a ring under the metal's tension, in fact, pressure, alone. Our black Titanium tension set diamond rings, as well as black Zirconium or aircraft grade Titanium Tension Settings have been for years amongst the most innovative in style and boldness in the field of engagement rings in general and Titanium solitaire rings in particular, all design-driven and astounding in beauty, simplicity and magic-like display of the set diamond or gemstone. No prongs or bezels are used in this unique display of an almost fully exposed diamond, yet it is safer than settings through those conventional techniques, as Tension setting's pressure is immense and safe, all while unlike the former, it employs no part that might bend, get entangled or otherwise cause your diamond to easily drop out. Enter the link below to see our:

Titanium Tension Settings, black Titanium Tension settings, black Zirconium Tension Settings

Custom Designed Ring
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Custom design rings

Being design driven and having all the manufacturing facilities in North America we do welcome Custom design requests. As designers, our team will be happy to and capable of working with you in creating a design especially for you or having your Custom Design ring of your fancy become a reality. Write to us about your desired Custom design Ring
Laboratory Grown Diamonds
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New! Laboratory Created Real Diamonds Now Available!
Value, ethics & beauty combined...
The resulting cut & polished diamond offers the same brilliance, dispersion and scintillation as any other true diamond, which could only be as true a diamond as they themselves actually are. The same fire, liveliness and, simply said--beauty.

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Black Titanium

Absolute Titanium Design is amongst the forefront leaders in the field of Titanium Jewelry. As such, we have introduced many innovations into the art of Titanium jewellery. Black Titanium is one of the results of our incessant research and pursue of innovations in this art. We have developed a proprietary process of creating our jewelry items in our own developed black Titanium. Our black Titanium rings, black Titanium bands, black Titanium tension setting and the full gamut of black Titanium engagement rings, black Titanium solitaires etc., are all Titanium made. We do not apply any plating to the metal, nor any spraying, sputtering, ionizing or diamond plating. Our black Titanium is it: Titanium that is blackened as such.

View our Black Titanium rings by clicking on the following link   Black Titanium

Being an innovation driven jewelry design house obliges, we chose to innovate and pour resources into research into the unique and rare. The results are outstanding yielding our proprietary Black Titanium and our unmatched  Tension Ring  designs, whether as Black Titanium Tension Set Diamond rings or Black Tension Rings in Black Zirconium, or even Black Tension set black diamond… All said, Absolute Titanium Design is your one stop Design House source for your Black Titanium Ring, Black Titanium Band, whether a Black Titanium Wedding Band or Black Titanium Engagement Ring
We carry Women’s Black Titanium Rings as well as Mens Black Titanium bands. While many men prefer our straight forward Men’s Black Titanium Wedding Bands, many opt for more intricate combinations.  Our Black Titanium Wedding Rings are set with diamonds, gemstones or precious metals (we carry both masculine Mens Black Titanium Rings set with precious Absolute Titanium Designs metals or their gemstones of choice, and delicate Ladies Black Titanium Rings inlaid with diamonds and/or the finest inlays…Black Titanium and Gold rings or with any other precious metal, inlaid straight or hand woven and inlaid…).
The Jewel of the crown, no pun intended (…), is certainly the Black Titanium Diamond Ring. While we carry various Titanium Solitaire styles, we have specialized for over 10 years in Tension Settings. Our Tension Set Ring is both a work of art and an engineering feat. A Diamond Tension Ring utilizes the inner strength of metals such as Titanium in holding the diamond enclosed within a gap in the Tension Rings’ top, flanked by either side by special tiny seat in the metal. The result is a stunning setting exposing almost the entire diamond to the eye… A Tension Set Diamond in an, e.g., Tension Engagement Ring is secured in place by intricate calculations, delicate setting process, the laws of metallurgy and physics and… our expertise and long experience. It is firmly held, and, unlike accidents that conventional settings are rife with, Tension Diamond Rings  have no prongs to get entangled inb one’s sleeve’s fabric… In your Tension Diamond Ring, when set by our craftsmen, your diamond is as secure as it may ever be. Our studios were amongst the world’s first 3 to offer Titanium Tension Set rings. To date we have set  hundreds of large size and high value diamonds in  Tension Setting Rings, and our Tension Set Diamond Rings have reached remote locations around the globe. Tension Set Engagement Rings have conquered a secure niche amongst rather discriminating young clients, combining the innovation of the Tension Setting Engagement Ring with the innovative use of advanced metal in their Titanium Tension Set  Rings, marrying the two innovative approaches in this one Titanium Tension Set Diamond Engagement Ring. Tension Setting Diamonds are all the rage…   Tension  Set Diamonds separate the wearer from the crowds… It’s a new era… Tension Wedding Rings, in particular Titanium Tension Set Diamond Wedding Rings ‘rule’… All Tension Settings are offered by us in strong alloy of conventional Titanium or in Black Titanium and Black Zirconium metal.
As a Design House we are also proud to  offer Custom Design services to our clients, whether Custom Design Mens Rings or Custom Ladies Rings, Customized Wedding Bands, Custom Wedding Rings and Custom Design Engagement Rings.
Welcome aboard! Browse our page and treat your eyes and heart to some of today’s leading edge and outstanding designs.
Welcome to Absolute Design Studios where The Tension is Mounting®!

For information about conflict free diamonds (aka conflictfree diamonds) or non conflict diamonds (aka nonconflict diamonds), whether Canadian Diamonds, Fair Trade Diamonds (aka Fairtrade Diamonds) or Laboratory Grown Yellow Diamonds visit, your gateway to ethical diamond sources and information

Highlights and special features include:
  • We ship our Titanium rings and bands worldwide, free of charge, or for nominal fee when expediency and insurance are required.
  • Lifetime guaranty and free re-polishing service (S&H not covered by re-polishing service).
  • Available Titanium grades are: Unalloyed Commercial (I-V), Aircraft Alloy (Ti 6/4) or Heavy Duty Alloy (Ti 6/6/2)-- read about it --tension settings are manufactured, exclusively, from the two latter, mightier grades for best available gem protection.
  • All grades are hypoallergenic.
  • Exclusive Maria da Costa Signature Line original designs.
  • Design oriented and based House.
  • All rings and bands are custom-made and hand crafted.
  • Expedient order execution and highest quality-controls.
  • Highly personalized service, and more...

Absolute Titanium Designs

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Please call:  
1-800-777-0889 ext. 7464 (R-I-N-G) for support within the USA and Canada
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(This line is not for orders. Those require many details. Please order via our on-line order form.)

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Please note: All prices are quoted in US Dollars (USD).

Important Information on tension set titanium rings:

Traditionally, jewelers set precious stones in either a prong or bezel setting. Experimentation with hardening precious metals through 'work-hardening' (pressure or pounding) or special thermal treatments carried out by a few visionary individuals have enabled them in the past few decades to create new setting designs which allowed them to set precious stones in a new way. The sheer springiness with which the specially treated precious metals came to bear guaranteed a mighty, springy grip of a precious stone without the need to use bezels or prongs.
- A tension-set diamond is pressure held at its girdle within a gap created at the two pressing ends of a ring. The result is a stunning visual and aesthetic effect which exposes much of the diamond to the eye, and renders it to appear to almost hover in midair. Tension setting in titanium
- Titanium's metallurgically engineered intrinsic forces & springiness offers a solid grip, and enables a strong, solid tension setting. Titanium is the mounting itself, hence "tension-setting". Well, the tension is, indeed, mounting...
- Absolute Titanium's line of tension-set diamond rings offers you unique jewelry designs of breathtaking beauty and simplicity, each a jewelry marvel in itself, and is marked with its Titanium grade. Every ring is individually and meticulously crafted using the most advanced technologies, machinery and careful quality control. The result is that each of our titanium rings represents a feat of engineering, an accomplishment in design, and a victory for advanced metallurgy as applied in jewelry. Only aircraft and aerospace Titanium grades, of over 150,000 PSI in tensile strength and the most suitable "modulus of elasticity" (a term in metallurgy which indicates resistance to bending) are used by Absolute Titanium in these jewelry settings.
- Our tension settings are hand finished, and each diamond is set-to-order by hand and carefully tested. Release from the workshop and shipping always pend, first, on the sourcing and the completion of the diamond purchase, as well as, evidently, the actual setting job.

© 1997 - 2011 Absolute Titanium Designs™ and Maria da Costa™. Copyright covers all images text, layout and graphic design, and some of the ring-designs--please inquire. Some ring designs are patent (design) pending--please inquire.

Legal Notice: Unauthorized reproduction, copying, transmittal, manufacturing, promotion, sale, or any form of commercial use of any of our proprietary and protected material and exclusive designs constitute a violations of the laws governing intellectual properties and their protection, are strictly forbidden and will be prosecuted at the discretion of Absolute Titanium and/or its affiliates.

Information and products provided at this website are updated weekly.
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